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Wellness in Reverence Hotels

Body and mind relaxation - an unforgettable holiday!

At Reverence Hotels, we want you to have the best experiences when you spend your holiday with us. This way, you’ll be happy and satisfied with your stay with us and we we’ll be pleased to have met our goal: to create unforgettable experiences for your time in Mallorca.

We have experiences for every taste, from sports activities to relaxing experiences in our magnificent wellness area, incredible Spa, exclusive Adults-Only areas, and more.

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 Reverence Hotels

If you want to disconnect and look after your body and mind, our SPA areas have many options that will appeal to you. However, if you want to stick with your exercise routine, start to look after yourself or simply do a training session, at Reverence Hotels, we are prepared for that!

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 Reverence Hotels

We have gyms that are fully equipped and have everything you need, with the latest advances in fitness machines so that you can do full exercise regimes - both aerobic and anaerobic. We also have yoga and Pilates classes.

 Reverence Hotels

Also, if you want to look after your diet, at Reverence Hotels, we have a wide range of healthy dishes, so our kitchen team will ensure your wellness experience is complete. We’ll be waiting for you!

Services designed for your well-being

  • Spa Reverence Hotels


    Our SPA is designed to offer you that disconnection that you are looking for, putting special attention on water and its curative power: improve skin conditions, such as dermatitis and eczema, improve the immune system, relieve muscular or rheumatic pains, etc. Directed by our professional team, the use of water will make your stay here restorative!

  • Gym Reverence Hotels


    Our Wellness area is entirely at your disposal to keep fit during your holiday. Rest and relaxation are not incompatible with keeping fit during your long-awaited days. Enjoy your favourite activities in our well-equipped facilities. You’ll have everything you need!

  • Health and nutrition Reverence Hotels

    Health and nutrition

    At Reverence Hotels, we want you to enjoy looking after yourself on both the outside and the inside, and that’s why we have a wide selection of delicious, healthy dishes, such as grilled fish and meats, vegetables, a variety of salads and many other specialised products. Our kitchen team will be delighted to welcome you!